In/On the market

This summer I’ll be moving back to a real city (with real men?  THAT is the question!), which means that I need to find a killer bachelorette pad on the double (really, anything better than a cardboard box will do).  I’ve been scrolling through hours’-worth of rental ads on Craigslist and the like, calling realtors like it’s my job, and just generally angst-ing about the whole process, which is long and tedious and very often feels futile.

Trying to find an apartment is just like trying to find a boyfriend.

I’m asking myself all the same questions: What am I looking for?  What things am I unwilling to go without?  What am I willing to compromise on?  How soon should I move in?  Why aren’t there more options that seem like the right ones for me?

It’s all very time-consuming and it feels scary and it feels exciting.  To quote Raymond Carver at the end of “Fat,” an excellent short story, “My life is going to change.  I feel it.”


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