I wanna write with you (all niiiight)

If you read this blog regularly or even at all you’ll know that there’s a little thing lurking on my horizon called college graduation.  In a few weeks my time will be totally taken over with receptions, ceremonies, and awkward family meet-and-greets.  I won’t have much time to post, and so I give you (drumroll, please): The First Ever Installment of Dude, Where’s My Boyfriend Guest Posters!  This is very exciting, really.

According to the “About” section of this blog, herein lie the “true confessions of a single lady looking for the right guy in all the wrong places.”  I WANT YOU to write to me with the stor(y)(ies) of your own dating adventure(s).  Then, I will feature them here.  We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll go home single.

There are basically no restrictions here, except that I politely ask you to keep your tales appropriate (who knows who could stumble across this blog on the internetz?) and try to be respectful in your language (which you would be anyway, right?).  Also, please refrain from including revealing details about your conquests, as I like to keep things on here as friendly as can be.  I will keep you as anonymous as you choose—please specify how you’d like me to introduce you.

Although I identify as a straight female, that doesn’t mean that you do—people who identify in all ways are encouraged to send me something.

The deadline is Saturday, May 19th.  Dudewheresmyboyfriend@gmail.com.  Write to me!

This weird picture wants you to be a DWMBF guest poster! You know you want to…



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