Attack of the boyfiend

Sometimes when I log in on the WordPress homepage I accidentally type in the username “dudewheresmyboyfiend.”

I have a hunch that there is a very important subliminal meaning to this, most likely that I’ve dated enough disappointing dudes to subconsciously associate the boyfriend with something you’d meet in the third circle of hell, the smooth-talking, never-calling, loud-snoring boyfiend.

According to Urban Dictionary, the word boyfiend has two meanings, the second of which is spot-on:

Male who refuses to accept the idea that he could/should play the role of “boyfriend” in a relationship.  This refusal commonly results in the male exhibiting negative behaviors.  These behaviors may include lying, cheating, or refusal to “grow up” and accept the basic responsibilities involved with being in a relationship.  Boyfiends are quite often immature and narcissistic men.

Hmmm.  I have definitely dated many of those.  Maybe my typos are less subliminal than I think…


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