Five perks of dating at a tiny school in the middle of nowhere

1. He lives in your dorm.  The guy who smashed my heart into a thousand pieces freshman year ended up living on my hall during sophomore spring after he returned from studying abroad.  The first time I saw him was when I was walking out of the co-ed bathroom after a shower.  Wrapped in a towel, with mascara dripping down my cheeks and my hair plastered to my neck.  Welcome back to the good old USA!  We walked by one another without saying a word, and I used the women-only bathroom for the rest of the semester just to be safe.

2. You always see people you know on the walk of shame.  Did that kid you have class with twice a week realize that you were wearing last night’s clothes when he cheerily greeted you as you walked into your dorm?  Yes.  He most definitely did, and he also noticed that your hair is suffering from a bad case of someone-else’s-bed head.

3. You always see people you know when you’re on dates.  There is one coffee shop in this town where a single girl can go for a casual rendezvous, and it’s sure to be full of people you have to say hi to in order to avoid being impolite.  This can range from awkward to excruciatingly uncomfortable for both you and your date (one guy I was with resorted to checking his email on his phone while I got sucked into a ten minute discussion with a professor).  Plus, that barista is totally judging you for coming here with so many different guys in one week.

4. You will know when he starts dating someone else.  You will see them together all the time.  There they are, holding hands on the way to class or having a romantic dinner for two at the cafeteria.  You want her to be uglier than you.  You want her to be less intelligent.  But let’s be honest—she’s probably a double-major with a high GPA, a sexy dancer, and very, very skinny.

5. The remnants of relationships past are everywhere.  There’s that booth in the student café where the two of you had a fight one time.  The spot outside the dining hall where he kissed you.  The place on the quad where you liked to strategically sunbathe in case he walked by.  As a friend of mine put it, ghosts run rampant here.  The good news is that since there really aren’t too many places to go, you’ll likely have a whole new slew of romantic memories in all of the same locations in no time!


One thought on “Five perks of dating at a tiny school in the middle of nowhere

  1. Blair says:

    Someone-else’s-bed head. I like it.

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