Dudes say the darndest things #2

Guy: Want some Pez?

Me: It’s 2 a.m.  You just woke me up.

[Guy puts Pez on bedside table, falls asleep.  The next morning, he discovers Pez on table where he left it.]

Guy: Sweet, there’s Pez here!

[Repeat two days later with pretzel sticks.]


3 thoughts on “Dudes say the darndest things #2

  1. Blair says:

    LOLOLOL. Late night pretzel sticks for the win!

  2. L says:

    HAHA. SO good.

  3. K says:

    You laugh but pretzel sticks saved my ass when boys came calling before I’d had time to eat my post-dinner pre-homework snack. Easy to eat, delicious, and after a few sips of water, no bad breath!

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